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Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. ~Lao Tzu
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What are we looking for?

Headblends is all about chill, as in laid back, relaxing music you can work to, socialize by and chill on. We are open to all genres including Lounge, Ambient, Electronic, New Age, World, Psychedelic, Downtempo, Jazz and others, albeit instrumental or vocal. We do, however, ask that you do not submit unpolished experimental works our way. Submit only final releases or remixes of final releases. The keyword here for us is “chill” and while there are no guarantees that all song or artist submissions will get on our track list, every submission will be listened to and genuinely considered.

As a new feature we are adding, each artist has a chance at being the “Spotlight Artist of The Week”!

Upload Instructions

Please upload through our form, 3-4 songs via Mp3, Ogg or Flac, along with cover art and a short Bio of your band. Cover art must be as a Jpeg with 1 cover per track of the same name (trackname.mp3/trackname.jpg). We have a maximum Mp3, Ogg and Flac file size of 50 megabytes.

To submit more than 1 upload, simply tap the “Select Files” button again for each upload you want to make, then tap “Upload” after you finished selecting each file.

Good Luck!


Important: You must have the legal right to submit tracks to our site, either by ownership as an artist or as an agent for an artists. Do not proceed if you do not. We reserve the right to verify all submissions.

Headblends.com and our DJ’s also reserves the right to trim and edit all submitted tracks. However, we will also listen to all submitting artists and honor their final decisions when it comes to any significant changes to their submitted tracks, including the removal of any track they no longer want promoted on Headblends.com.

By uploading your music, cover art and related information you agree that Headblends has the exclusive right to reject or accept your submission, as well as the right to trim and/or convert your files to conform to the needs of our broadcast stream requirements and web site display. Furthermore, you indemnify Headblends.com, it’s owners, administrators, moderators, members and associates of all liabilities. All responsibilities in regards to content is solely the responsibility of the artist.

NOTICE: We have a strict policy against spam. This form is for artist music submissions only. Use of this form to send unsolicited email of any kind is not welcome.

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