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This is where we post our current status details. IE: Funds, Service Conditions and other Statistical information. For running Headblends news, playlist additions and other listener updates, please visit our Twitter connected Headblends Updates page, or subscribe to our live Twitter feed @Headblends.

Headblends is currently operated solely by the owner of this site and is in a state of flux which is slowly being addressed.

Status is as follows:

Hosting: We are currently behind in our hosting obligations, primarily due to non-payment by a network partner for their share of the hosting costs for our hosting account, which also services other sites.

Funding: We will be opening a Patreon account in the very near future to help fund an expanded playlist, as well as a range of value added artist, listener services and more.

Members: Our membership services have not been opened due to a lack of manpower, with Headblends currently being a one man operation. Headblends itself would not exist if it were not for assistance provided by Radionomy for the streaming feed that delivers the music we play.

Services: TBA

Partners: TBA

More information and updates coming shortly.